File locations

Where are files stored?

The setup installs the application by default in the following path: %ProgramFiles%\NETworkManager

You can run the archive and portable version from anywhere.

Profiles, settings and themes are stored in the following folders:

File(s) Setup or Archiv Portable
Profiles %UserProfile%\Documents\NETworkManager\Profiles\* <APP_FOLDER>\Profiles\*
Settings %UserProfile%\Documents\NETworkManager\Settings\* <APP_FOLDER>\Settings\*
Themes <APP_FOLDER>\Themes\* <APP_FOLDER>\Themes\*

It is recommended to backup the above files on a regular basis. You can also roam the files with a cloud service like OneDrive or Nextcloud to use them on multiple devices.

In addition, some files and settings, as well as the cache, are stored in the following locations:

File(s) Setup, Archiv and Portable
Local settings %LocalAppData%\NETworkManager\NETworkManager_Url_<RANDOM_STRING>\*
Log %LocalAppData%\NETworkManager\NETworkManager.log
PowerShell profiles HKCU:\Console\<PATH_OF_CONSOLE>
PuTTY log %LocalAppData%\NETworkManager\PuTTY_Log\*
PuTTY profile HKCU:\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions\NETworkManager
WebConsole cache %LocalAppData%\NETworkManager\WebConsole_Cache\*