Release date: 27.06.2023


>> Pre-release versions are available here <<

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Setup 8126ED2D73CCF7E6F1C5EA5FD13A25C99DE1493F05A71C1435A956DA4409C836
Portable 49AFB59B249F760E58B20AB779D47E7FE9E39A082EB6F10601A5EF1A0D40A6B8
Archive A9789E3BC8417875565385A4D93A8D20BD0A793EA1BAE390232B85B4BF51123D

System requirements

Package Manager

NETworkManager is available through the package managers Chocolatey and WinGet and the PowerShell module Evergreen:

# Chocolatey
choco install networkmanager

# WinGet
winget install BornToBeRoot.NETworkManager

# Evergreen
Get-EvergreenApp -Name NETworkManager

# Evergreen (save to disk)
Get-EvergreenApp -Name NETworkManager | Save-EvergreenApp -Path C:\Users\$env:Username\Downloads\

Silent install

The Setup is based on InnoSetup and you can use all available command line parameters. Use the following parameters to perform a silent installation and create a desktop icon: