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Version: 2021.1.0
Date: 09.01.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
:package: Setup 370FDED539C49E044209CEB6897AD76DD1E947754C0E2742FEED0658229BD3F3
:package: Portable BD6507198CC7EC5974229A58F9CB33F13CE0A33ABC2E20344DB42321C2382977
:package: Archiv 425517A996CE52BB2ADFF05D02537817C954329402AAE9F05773B36C61997E71

The setup is also available on Chocolatey and can be installed with:

~# choco install networkmanager

Migrated to x64 (The x86 version has to be uninstalled manually)!

System requirements

Silent install

The setup is created with InnoSetup and you can use all available command line parameters. Use the following parameters to perform a silent installation and create a desktop icon:

NETworkManager_20xx.xx.x_Setup.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /TASKS="desktopicon" /SP-