With the Traceroute you can trace the route to a host with ICMP echo requests to determine the path to the specific host.

Example inputs:



Right-click on the result to copy or export the information.


Inherit host from general

Inherit the host from the general settings.

Type: Boolean

Default: Enabled

If this option is enabled, the Host is overwritten by the host from the general settings and the Host is disabled.


Hostname or IP address to ping.

Type: String

Default: Empty




Maximum hops

Maximum hops to search for target.

Type: Integer [Min 1, Max 255]

Default: 30

Timeout (ms)

Timeout in milliseconds for the icmp packet after which the packet is considered lost.

Type: Integer [Min 100, Max 15000]

Default: 4000


Buffer size of the icmp packet.

Type: Integer [Min 1, Max 65535]

Default: 32

Resolve hostname

Resolve the hostname of the IP address (PTR lookup) for each hop.

Type: Boolean

Default: True

Check IP geolocation

Enables or disables the resolution of the IP geolocation for each hop via

The free API endpoint is limited to 45 requests per minute, supports only the http protocol and is available for non-commercial use only.

Type: Boolean

Default: Enabled