IP Geolocation

New Feature


With IP Geolocation you can retrieve geolocation information for a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or a public IP address.

IP geolocation data is provided by ip-api.com and the API endpoint http://ip-api.com/json/<host> is queried when the information is requested. The free API endpoint is limited to 45 requests per minute, supports only the http protocol and is available for non-commercial use only.

Example inputs:

  • borntoberoot.net


Right-click on the result to copy the information.


Inherit host from general

Inherit the host from the general settings.

Type: Boolean

Default: Enabled

If this option is enabled, the host is overwritten by the host from the general settings and the host is disabled.


Host (FQDN or public IP address) to query for IP geolocation information.

Type: String

Default: Empty


  • borntoberoot.net