Version: 2021.5.9.0
Release date: 09.05.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup 1D44A5A07975A8364DE742E061E0D72B3DD1CC03E02F4D87103A0767E3C7F7A2
Portable ED3DC6DFC111A3261DC6BF3F3D2820E0A1FF96ECF48A3C7DFBF3454A39694848
Archive DD0B800EA55B97BA0A6B3A5884D62FCE2C4E74EAB1CCE01163823EBD30DC9B4E

What’s new?

  • Dashboard and Status window redesigned and IPv6 added #463


  • Discovery Protocol script updated and more values added #772


  • Fix app crash on Discovery Protocol view #707
  • Fix values in Discovery Protocol #772
  • Fix NetEventSession (if session is opened / crashed) in Discovery Protocol #241
  • App crash fixed when Remote Desktop is opened from a differnet view #767