Version: 2021.3.28.0
Release date: 28.03.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup 3153DE224DA69511331C07B89CF4738914BDBE9AFEE59C5BD289E657449CCC43
Portable D295B260F56416792E455AED6069ECA545F36A80B192BFE04D2D2B9D64598855
Archive 6C5E003DC820B75B2B7C1381F2AE2F0D3AEF13EE84F67AE6EFBC235342B94490

What’s new?

  • Remote Desktop - Credentials can be stored in the profile. You should encrypt the profile file in the Settings>Profile with a master password and create a backup of your profile files. #378
  • WiFi - export as CSV, XML or JSON added #429
  • Language Korean (ko-KR) added #584


  • SNMP - Community/Priv/Auth text boxes replaced with password boxes #128
  • Minimum window size set to 1280x798 to display the profile dialog correct #378


  • Profile dialog height fixed #594
  • Dialog button FontSize fixed MahApps/MahApps.Metro#594
  • ContextMenu sub menu border brush fixed #324
  • Design of some buttons fixed #591
  • SNMP v3 priv min length removed due to a change in the lib #128
  • More string in the about view added to the translation strings #440


  • Code refactored / cleanup
    • async void with async task replaced #383
  • Percent completed in the settings\language removed, because the statistics are broken and hard to maintain since the transifex github integration was added #584