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Version: 2021.3.14.0
Release date: 14.03.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup B87F9E4AC704F0FF55A7A41DEA27D9A47CA160D64179A6F1FC3638A1DAFEAD2B
Portable 92B362B50ACC2685235DEB4002C75C6005FA2978E2B3F25B297854504A8E22F7
Archive 451A24B0AC8C2E63A15F5370EC2FC11E3957086BA272BDD17B00EB1D03E8E342

What’s new?

  • Bugfixes & improvements only


  • WiFi - Refresh network in background when button is clicked or autorefresh is enabled #445
  • WiFi - Display the SSID from hidden networks as “Hidden Network”. This is the same way Windows displays them. #487
  • WiFi > Channel - Add refresh and autorefresh button/checkbox #486
  • Host added to profiles view


  • Documentation restructured #568
  • Network Interface - Disable Add IPv4 address... button if network adapter is not connected #484
  • Dialog button style fixed and button order changed #328


  • Code refactored #485
  • Transifex Github integration added
  • Language files updated