Version: 2021.2.17.0
Release date: 17.02.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup 5BDD82CA59CC0A635559848CA183C21ED92D4D0C143625F1B367946F033E2A79
Portable 4D5AA9CC1A4FCE5AB80060A1009E87FA207D642B7E25A63A4DA38F9F6FD43472
Archive 9996197F0F58A7A23F0A78DB7336D4201F98F1C6E8CCD7D02BF97095C5A6DDA8

What’s new?

  • Profile files can be encrypted with a master password. Backup your profile files %AppData%\NETworkManager\Profiles or in APPLICATIONROOT\Profiles (portable version) before you use this feature. There may be some issues :) More infos in the FAQ. You can review the changes and code here #226 #464
  • CodeQL for automated code security analysis added
  • Code of conduct, security policy and contributing guidelines added #450
  • Change version number to YEAR.MONTH.DAY.PATCH #474



  • Prevent app crash if profile is corrupted #270
  • Prevent app crash if network interface (type 53) has no mac address #458
  • Wrong flags sl-SI and zh-TW fixed #438
  • UI improved / Link color fixed


  • Libaries updated
  • Language files updated