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Version: 2021.11.30.0
Release date: 30.11.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup AFDA99002A95D78127A26ADCED00F1A86DCBDB6DA0782A761088FFBF3BFF1DF9
Portable 6EE94EDF8EEDE8D65E2143D5BF60C59CA715536D4C15E680FFB0454174D22FE1
Archive 5F72238031B7DB28F885BD8E74046734BDBCA37E4DFC5110ADB75EB216C50DF1

New system requirements

What’s new?

  • Migrated to .net 6.0


  • Discovery Protocol - PSDiscoveryProtocol updated to version 1.4.1


  • Chinese language files are now available #1308
  • Remote Desktop - Connection dialog now allows host and host:port #1284
  • PowerShell/PuTTY/TigerVNC - Flickering fixed when process terminates #1304