Version: 2021.1.0
Release date: 09.01.2021

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup 370FDED539C49E044209CEB6897AD76DD1E947754C0E2742FEED0658229BD3F3
Portable BD6507198CC7EC5974229A58F9CB33F13CE0A33ABC2E20344DB42321C2382977
Archive 425517A996CE52BB2ADFF05D02537817C954329402AAE9F05773B36C61997E71

Note: Due to the migration to x64 you have to uninstall the x86 version manually in the control panel

New system requirements

What’s new?

  • WiFi view reworked #428
  • Migrated to x64
  • Language Slovenian added #433 (Thanks to Jadran Rudec)


  • Build size reduced / cleanup output folder #431
  • Last selected profile is remebered after app restart #432


  • App crash fixed if tray icon is used #435


  • Language files updated