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Version: 2020.4.0
Release date: 21.04.2020

File Checksum [SHA256]
Setup 6AA9E156ABEB79BB07574C7C076F53FE0630D69E5680A83E8E1D175E4C75E20A
Portable 36FDC504ECD9BA7E7334131909F81CE36FB91E7FB267DA53B077F95C697B4751
Archive 468099D5B9E8862AA6024290BD1FD375FD3A2CE9E7E4FE94AA0DDB97687E81CC

What’s new?

  • Code has been refactored and improved to simplify future developments.
  • New documentation at


  • Network Interface
    • Button “Clear DNS cache” moved tab “Information” #248
    • Button “Release & Renew” moved tab “Information” #248
  • PuTTY
    • PuTTY log can be enabled in the settings/profile. Session output will be saved in a file. #278


  • Settings
    • Portable modus was not displayed correctly. #277
  • Crash on Server 2019 when select WiFi fixed #267
  • Crash in IP scanner when IP address could not be detected fixed #268


  • Libraries updated
  • Language files updated
  • Resources (OUI, Ports, Whois) updated
  • Code cleanup #261, #262